Scan barcode and see directlly all details of this property

Scan for Support (for direct real estate promotion)

Welcome to the "Scan for support" website of the Dutch company "Ruil en Verhuis". 


This website is started to inform everyone about the power of the 2D barcode.  

For promoting your real estate property, your company or your social media sites the 2D barcode could give people an big additional value. It can be used for promoting your real estate property. You can make it easier for persons walking by to see the details of your properties.

When we add a barcode on the broker sign outside (or behind the window), every one walking by the sign can scan this code and will be informed immidiatly about all detals. They can read the detailed description, see the movies, see the pictures and see all other details of the property. They see directly all info of your real estate property. They can even walk virtual through the property. This all after just scanning one sigle QR code.

Without a barcode people who are interested needs to searche for the right property within the real estate broker website. To find this the adres needs to be known. So sometimes it will take to long and people won't see the details and will not fall in love for your property.



Other Services

The company "Ruil en Verhuis" was started in 2011 as a company that wanted to stimulate trading houses and trading real estate properties (home exchanging as alternative option with less risks).

We have added this first service (trading of houses) to the addiotional services of this site.
See "OUR SERVICES" within the menu for all our services. The scope of services will increase within the future.

So here you can also find more info about the first services of "Ruil en Verhuis". That is the house exchanging service for persons with a real estate property that wants to trade houses permantly. So not only for the holiday period but for always.

Buy and sell a house at the same moment. No risks to have double costs during moving period. And never searching for a house with a lot of stress (because your own house is already sold). Buy and sell a house at the same moment (less costs).